ABN Special Interest Group for Functional Disorders in Neurology

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In June 2015 the Association of British Neurologists council approved the formation of a special interest group for neurologists interested in the assessment and treatment of patients with functional disorders.


THe purpose of the group is to:


1. Encourage neurology trainees and consultants in this area to pursue their interest whether clinically or in research.


2. To raise the status of this clinical area within the speciality.


3.To allow interface with specialist interest groups from other disciplines and provide representation from neurology under the auspices of the ABN in multidisciplinary settings


Membership is restricted to neurologists who are members of the ABN.


It operates under the auspices of the Association of British Neurologists and is not a separate organisation


This website is therefore being used to collect contact details for members who may be interested in joining


If you are a patient or another health professional (ie not a neurologist) looking for information please click on Links for further information


Welcome to the ABN special interest group for functional disorders in neurology